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Review: LG HX300G


The LG HX300G is a great all-round mini projector that would make a fantastic replacement projector for your home theatre if you're upgrading to newer technology. It's super quiet, small and light weight which means you could also take it on the road or on holidays. A popular one among the staff here, we think you'll love it!

Review: Vivitek Qumi Q5


Aimed squarely at the home theatre market, this is a serious little mini projector that will knock your socks off with it's image quality. One of the first real contenders for home theatre projector replacement, the Qumi Q5 is a solid buy for the home entertainment system. Check it out!

Review: General Imaging iPico PJ205


We love this unit, it's a great little iPhone projector that will definitely get used. It's the attention to detail that makes this particular mini projector great like the popup connector and the iOS software which you can download for free. Definitely worth checking this out, it's at a great price point as well!

Review: Tursion TS-102

best mini projector

It's an interesting concept and great to see some innovation in getting the Android OS on a mini projector. It's a little on the pricey side, but overall a solid business projector.

Review: Bijela Iphone Projector


An interesting little projector made with the iPhone and iPod Touch in mind. It really shows that the quality of projectors coming from China is increasing rapidly. This unit has great brightness and contrast ratings and would be fantastic to use in a personal setting to share videos, photos and more.

Review: Optoma ML300


With a huge range of connectivity options and really innovative features like 3D compatibility you can't really go past the Optoma ML300 mini projector. You can be forgiven for thinking it's a little large and chunky looking, but we think that's a good thing - more room for cool features. Because it comes with a large range of accessories as well, we're giving this thing the thumbs up, it's a great all round projector and well worth the money.

Review: Acer C120


The Acer C120 is a great laptop companion. It's bright and portable and perfect for business users to present direct from your laptop without the need for a power source. Though it doesn't have a large collection of connectivity ports, it's making no apologies for knowing exactly what it's purpose is and the USB 3.0 port is flexible enough to hook up to any of the latest laptops out there. A very well thought out business grade mini projector.

Review: ASUS P1


While the ASUS P1 has a serious lack of inputs you can't quite overlook it's other brilliant features like superior lighting, brightness, auto keystone and the fact that it's the perfect companion to ASUS laptop owners in particular. It's like ASUS have taken the best of what makes old school projectors great, upgraded the lighting technology and shrunk it down into an itty bitty package. It's a great business grade mini projector.

Review: Optoma EP-PK-101


While it's not the most up to date mini projector, you can't ignore this extraordinary quality for the price. Because it includes all the accessories in the box you don't have to go hunting them down with third party stores. It projects iDevices brilliantly and is a great little projector for sharing personal media.

iGo UP-2020 Mini Projector

Bigger portable screen for iphone

The iGo UP-2020 is a well featured mini projector that is small enough to carry along with your Flip video camera. It's the perfect companion for it actually. But it doesn't just limit itself to Flip cams, you can use this device with a range of other inputs and the built in HDMI makes this especially good. It's light and well sized and looks a treat. If you're budget conscious but still want a decent mini projection unit this is a great pick for you.

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